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Seamless Protection for Rideshare Drivers



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Generally, your personal auto insurance policy wasn’t designed to provide you with coverage when you are working as a rideshare driver with companies like Uber. And, rideshare companies’ full commercial liability coverage doesn’t apply until you accept a ride. With Rideshare, you can avoid a potential gap in coverage by extending your personal auto insurance coverage when you are logged in and waiting to be matched with your next rider.

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RIDESHARE insurance Facts

Rideshare extends your personal auto insurance coverage through Period 1 until you accept a ride and the rideshare company’s full commercial liability coverage applies in Periods 2 & 3. This policy enables you to select the coverage that fits your needs, including:


  • Comprehensive and collision coverages that pay for damages to your car

  • Uninsured motorist coverage, in case you are hit by a driver who isn’t insured or is underinsured

  • Medical payment and personal injury protection (if required)


Rideshare coverage ends when you accept a ride. The rideshare company’s full commercial liability coverage applies until that ride exits your car. Rideshare once again applies until you accept your next ride.


What are RideShare Periods ?

  • Periods 0  Personal Use of Vehicle

  • Periods 1 Logon To App

  • Periods 2 Accept Ride

  • Periods 3 Pickup Ride

  • Periods 1 Rider Exits, waiting for next ride


RideShare Insurance Coverage

  • RideShare Coverage minimum limits are  

  • 50,000 for Bodily Injury per person Liability / 100,000 Per Accident/ 50,000 Uninsured Motorist.

  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverages available  

  • Rental Car Coverage Available

  • Provided Coverage for UberX, Uber, Lyft, Sidecar

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What gap? Doesn’t Uber/Lyft company’s insurance policy cover me when I’m working?

When you log in to the rideshare company’s app, you may only be covered by the rideshare companies limited liability coverage until you accept a ride and their full commercial liability coverage applies. While you are waiting to be matched with your next rider, their policy generally only provides limited liability coverage* for medical expenses and damage you cause to others if an accident is your fault. Damage to you or your car are not typically covered by this policy. You could be faced with a serious coverage gap that would require you to pay for damages out of your own pocket.





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**Rideshare companies may maintain higher coverage limits and additional coverages as needed to meet the minimum requirements in all states. In California , the limits are $50k bodily injury for one injured individual; $100k total bodily injury coverage limit; $30k property damage to someone else’s property per incident.


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