We offer a broad array of specialized coverages for sports risks, venues, rock concerts and more.

From rock concerts, sports teams and motor racing to the venues they take place in, OneBeacon Entertainment understands the unique exposures of the sports (professional, amateur and youth) and leisure industry and has the necessary resources to provide this specialized coverage.

Comprehensive General Liability

Policies can include spectator liability, event liability, sponsor liability and participant liability. We offer coverage on a majority of Professional, Interscholastic and Amateur sports.

Excess/Umbrella Liability

Excess coverage may be purchased above the usual $1m primary limit. Generally, coverage is provided for $5m to $10m, but higher limits may be quoted upon request.


We can provide package policies to include venue liability, alcohol liability and automobile liability (for both owned and non-owned hired vehicles). Property coverage may also be purchased for real as well as personal property.

Motor Racing

We offer general liability specifically tailored to motor racing risks including: spectator liability, on-track liability for specialized vehicles, emergency medical personnel and under-age participants. Additionally, we offer a variety of property products to cover competition vehicles, haulers, equipment and transporters for race teams and associations.

Online Risk Purchasing Group

Our risk purchasing group program offers an online quote and bind facility for a General Liability policy covering amateur sports and special event programs