We specialize in independent films and can provide coverage for cast, negative film, extra expense, props sets and wardrobe in one comprehensive policy.

There's no business like show business. At OneBeacon Entertainment, we understand that the entertainment business brings unique risks requiring unique coverages. Our specialized knowledge, industry- specific expertise and tailored products make us the premier source for all your Motion Picture, TV and DICE needs.

We specialize in independent Films up to $75m and can provide Cast, Negative Film, Faulty, Extra Expense, Miscellaneous Equipment, Props Sets and Wardrobe all in one comprehensive policy.

Coverages include:


Office Contents

Coverage for business property can be added under the portfolio policy.


Coverage can be provided for both owned and hired non-owned for physical damage as well as liability.


We can provide specific coverage for loss or damage to animals that are used in connection with a production. Coverage can be provided for mortality, sickness or on a limited accident basis. In addition, coverage can be provided to cover the extra expense to continue filming due to accident, sickness or death of an animal.


A combined portfolio policy covering the product owner, advertising agency and production company for their respective rights and interests in a production or ad campaign.

Commercial General Liability

Provides coverage for claims of bodily injury and/or property damage arising out of filming activity. The policy may be extended for world wide coverage. We can also provide coverage for participant liability for reality shows.

Excess/Umbrella Liability

Filming often requires liability coverage in excess of the limits provided in the primary general liability, auto liability, employers' liability and third party property damage policies. We can provide excess coverage up to $10 million.

Railroad Protective

We can provide the specialty liability coverage required by a railroad company when filming takes place adjacent to or on railroad tracks.

Producer's Errors and Omissions

We provide coverage either for individual productions or on a blanket basis. We can offer multi year policies as well as excess coverage.

Workers Compensation Insurance

We can provide coverage for the cast and crew not covered through a loan out corporation.

Guild Union and Travel

Although we do not underwrite guild coverage ourselves, through our relationship with other specialty insurers we can obtain the coverage on your behalf and attach it as part of the package for a production.

Film Completion Bond

OneBeacon Entertainment is pleased to offer a Film Completion Bond in association with UniFi. The product is approved by all major lending banks and is available for Film and Television projects.