We can help you protect your next big event with our contingency product.

From musical rock stars to sporting events and charity walks we offer cancellation and non appearance products to protect your big event. In addition we can offer coverage for contract bonus, over redemption and game show prizes.


EventShield is a tailor made product designed specifically to insure conventions, trade shows and consumer shows being held nearly anywhere in the world. The policy offers protection when unforeseen circumstances cause an organization to lose some or all of its anticipated gross revenue, thereby facing incurred expenses or even additional unforeseen expenses.


We can provide specific coverage for non appearance of an individual or group as well as cancellation due to loss or damage to venue, staging and equipment. We can tailor your policy to your individual needs. Coverage can be offered on a worldwide basis.

Contract Bonus

We can offer unique coverage to provide protection for contract bonuses for sports stars and sporting events.

Game Show Prizes

Prizes for online and television game shows can be insured (subject to our loss control requirements).

Over redemption

We offer coverage for the over redemption of product coupons or prizes that can be tailored to your client’s individual needs.