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Workes Comp : Court overturns $43 million award in amputation case Written by California Insurance Service on Jul 14, 2017

A $43.5 million jury award in a personal injury lawsuit against a subcontractor was overturned Thursday by a Texas appeals court, which found that workers compensation was the injured employee’s exclusive remedy.
In 2013, Tyler Lee was a superintendent for a general contractor on a large-scale construction site in Houston where Bonner Springs, Kansas-based Berkel & Company Contractors Inc. was a subcontractor, according to court records in Berkel & Company Contractors Inc. vs. Tyler Lee and Leigh Ann Lee.
While ...




California’s Insurance Commissioner Encourages Admitted Carriers to Insure Cannabis Risks Written by California Insurance Service on Jun 9, 2017

 California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones with 63 insurance industry stakeholders on May 22, 2017, to discuss insurance requirements set forth in California’s proposed cannabis regulations. Commissioner Jones stated that his goal is to make sure all Californians, including emerging cannabis businesses, have insurance protection. By way of analogy, he compared the challenges of the emerging cannabis insurance market to those confronted by the rideshare and autonomous vehicle industries. “The department has an important role to play as new industries emerge ...




Johnny Depp Hits Age-Old Star Liquidity Trap: Mansion Rich, Cash Broke Written by California Insurance Service on May 22, 2017

Depp apparently grossed $650 million over the last 13 years, which should be plenty of cash for just about any other person on the planet.
Even subtracting taxes and management’s 10% cut, the star could have blown $66,000 every day across that peak earnings period and still ended up with close to $100 million in the bank.
Instead, he owes the IRS money and is going to need to make tough career choices if he wants to keep the houses he’s already bought, much<...




Panera Bread to Hire 10,000 Drivers Written by California Insurance Service on Apr 26, 2017

Panera will offer the in-house drivers daytime hours and competitive wages rather than using a third-party delivery service such as UberEATS, GrubHub, DoorDash, and Postmates, according to Panera.

Photo via Media Wraps.

Panera Bread will hire more than 10,000 drivers by the end of 2017 so it can expand delivery service to up to 40% at its cafes nationwide, the St. Louis-based fast casual eatery has 




Google Just Sued Uber for Stealing Its Self-Driving Car Technology Written by California Insurance Service on Feb 24, 2017

This hasn’t been Uber’s week. After facing allegations of ignoring reports of discrimination and sexism in the workplace by a former engineer, compounded by more tales of mismanagement and harassment by dozens of current and former employees and a stern condemnation by early investors, Uber now has ...